3600 Taraval San Francisco, CA, 94116

Underdogs Too Opening Update #1

I am very excited to be opening up Underdogs Too!  I know that the neighborhood is also  saddened by the fact that Bashful Bull Too will be closing its doors after 27 years!


Therefore the first blog post is all about the celebrating what was there!  Hopefully I can continue the happiness of that location for another 27 years.    The owners Lilly and Cathy have been fantastic to work with, and deserve a well deserved break and rest after grinding all these years.  Here is a picture of Lilly in the early days of Bashful Bull!

So here is to new beginnings and new experiences, but first a few photos for us to remember what the location looked like before the transformation into Underdogs Too occurs!  Please check back on this blog as we update our own buildout!





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