3600 Taraval San Francisco, CA, 94116

The Race is on! 30 days!

I am excited that we are about 30 days away from opening.  This is the month where the place starts to take shape!  We have just started to lay down the concrete for the floor of the bar and also started on the bar framing.  In the next few weeks we will start on the woodwork and forming the bar itself.



If you use you imagination a little bit you can see the bar and find your seat!

We also started doing some of the painting and began to paint the exterior.  I hope you like the color!

At this point we are on pace with the construction, and still targeting a mid-October open date.   There are some dependencies with some city inspections but we are hoping everyone plays nice with no unneeded complications.

My next post will show some of the new menu items we are rolling out, and well as some of the bar as it gets built up!


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