3600 Taraval San Francisco, CA, 94116

Keys and Clean-up

Finally got the keys to the place, and started the clean-up!  There is sure a lot of grease and dirt after 20 years of action at the place. The first order of business is to get the tables and booths out of the location.  (Don’t worry, I found a good home for them!) I did manage to get some good help by getting my son to pitch in!

After a few days we managed to clear out some floor space.



Tomorrow will be some very deep kitchen scrubbing and general cleaning.  Then the real fun begins, as the demo team arrives Monday!

It has been great to have people poke their heads in, ask about the project and meet everyone.  Keep on poking you head in, as I want to meet as many people as I can.   Off to some rest, and an early start of cleaning tomorrow….

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