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Hidden Menu Items

I thought it was time to tell everyone a little secret, about our hidden menu items!   One of the challenges we face at Underdogs Too is customers who want to add our modify our menu items.  While we do our best to accommodate, we do have some items, like our Nick’s Way Tacos which we don’t allow any additions to protect our menu quality and our brand.   (we are always happy to make side items)

We also have a few items that don’t end up on our menu for a variety of reasons.  I thought I would reward the blog followers with a list of these items.

  • Nick’s Way Tacos “no oil”:  This is our Nick’s way Taco without the inner crispy shell
  • French Fries:  Since we use fries in our California and Cheeseburger burrito, we are happy to fry up a batch for you. Sorry, no ketchup, but we do have ranch and salsa
  • Churros with Whip Cream:  Add some whip cream with our churros
  • Bloody Mary with Bacon:  Isn’t bacon good with everything?

Weekends only:

  • Tater Tots:  Who doesn’t like tots?
  • Corned Beef Hash and Eggs:  This is a delicious breakfast offering!  Homemade corned beef hash!
  • Pancakes:  We have pancakes with fruit most days!  Even a short stack!
  • French Toast:  This one is not as common, but ask about our French toast!
  • Waffles:  very rare, but sometimes we do break out the waffle iron



French Toast and a side of Bacon

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