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Food Testing and Opening Challenges

As I have been pushing hard to open Underdogs Too, I came upon a great article about opening a restaurant. The article compared opening a restaurant to birth, and while I have to say birthing is probably much harder, I do agree with the premsis of the point:

“1. Openings are like birth. Your taco/omakase/Macanese/farm-to-table fantasy, which started as a twinkle in your eye, begins with drumming up names and envisioning how you’re going to dress it up and quickly dissolves into a gestation period of permits and health inspections. On the heels of writing a business plan and wining and dining investors to raise (beg) for the million-plus to open a restaurant, you juggle architects, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and crazy landlords. Things for which you’ve had no training. In San Francisco you shell out around $300,000 for a liquor license and negotiate with NIMBYs who fight you as if you’re building a nuclear power plant instead of a restaurant patio. It’s like having a baby: You carry that thing for nine months and then defy all pain thresholds to push it out into the public. Hopefully on the day its born you have an epidural or a few shots of tequila.”


We have definitely had our challenges as we move forward including construction delays, MTA removal of parking and closing time permissions, but these are all obstacles we will be able to overcome even if they are not ideal. Our delay has allowed us to try out some of our new breakfast menu items! I figured nobody wants to see construction photos every blog, so I figured I would show you some of the creations we are up to! This is what makes the trials and tribulation of opening worth it! I hope these pictures make you want to try the real thing!

Chilaquiles with verde
Chilaquiles with roja and fried egg


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