3600 Taraval San Francisco, CA, 94116

Demo, Budget and Plans

Well, the demo portion has begun!    This is the fun and scary part, and I am excited to see it start to form into Underdogs Too.  I put on my mask and with the help of Karl Hasz Construction, went to work.

After just a few days the place was fairly cleaned out.   Sad to see a lot of items go, but also excited to be able to build my own place, where I have already laid down my own physical sweat to get going.

Besides demo, there is a TON of cleaning to do, and a lot of grease.  My kitchen manager, Julio Gonzalez, gets the gold star for clearing out 20 years of grease in the kitchen. I really want our kitchen sparking and Julio and myself run a very tight ship on cleanliness.   I don’t stand for mess!


It took a little while for ours plans to be approved by the City of San Francisco, but now we have the permits in place, and are ready to start building and not destroying!  First off is the plumbing, which is super important, but not always that visible.  Then onwards to the floor (stained concrete) and the electrical.

Back to work!


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